Wednesday, April 13, 2011

my closet...

Today is a perfect day for nothing! School was canceled on the Reservation (although only three students have been showing up for the past two days) and so I was free to fly home, jump back into pajamas, finish reading Howards End, and begin watching BBC's Middlemarch (for the millionth time). New things to share:

:: When I lean forward while sitting down, my tummy presses against my legs. I found out a few days ago that putting my belly in this tight spot lets me feel the baby move! I am amazed! However, the feeling is not like butterflies or is very gloopy and roly-poly. Little Baby, I love you no matter how unromantic it may be to describe your precious movements!

:: I finished Howards End! This was my favorite line:

"Evie heard of her father's engagement when she was in for a tennis tournament, and her play went simply to pot."

Should I have chosen a more intellectual quote? Probably, but I did really like this one. Next book on the list is Lark Rise to Candleford.

:: Another sewing project is finished! This time it was for the Sea Ranch Theater Company. A new play is beginning this weekend, and I volunteered to sew two curtains. After lots of stressing and arranging and measuring (a sewing machine would have been wonderful about then), I was victorious! I realize now that I forgot to erase the dark, smudgy pencil line I had drawn across the white sheer fabric of one, but otherwise the task was heartening and I really enjoyed it! I recently joined Made This / Love This ( and I am supposed to be making a t-shirt scarf. Really, instead, I am dying to make this necklace in the picture above. Hurrah for sewing!

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