Monday, February 27, 2012

my oscar look

Forgetting that you don't get the channel on which the Oscars are showing, minutes before they begin is heart-wrenching! After weeks of anticipation for this night, Joel and I only caught some of the red carpet fashion/arrival live video feed from the Oscar website, and then we watched an episode of Portlandia online.
If I were a star, nominated for Best Actress, this is the look I would strut:

The Hair and the Dress.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Side Note

Alas, we were mistaken, and the Oscars never did come on last weekend. The finale of Downton was watched instead, and I am still horrified about what happened to Isis. This Sunday, the Oscars it is!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

One More

Just as I was getting a little tiny bit bored with the happenings of Downton, last week's episode turned my world upside down(ton). My annoyance towards Bates has increased (who on earth says on their wedding day to the brand new spouse, "I hope this is a decision you won't regret."??) and so has my adoration for Cora (Cora! Cora! If only you knew!). I am back to obsession mode!

This Sunday, my little household will be watching the Oscars, so we will catch up with the series on Wednesday, when they show the re-run on PBS. What if it became practical fashion to name your house/property? I wonder what my house would be called, if I had to make up one?

Going Through Books Like Water

I have a friend who drinks so much water that sometimes she gets headaches from it all. Water is my favorite and dearest beverage, but I wish I drank so much that I got headaches. A headache is something definite to let me know when I have had enough; I would rather have too much than too little.
On the other hand, I usually get headaches from reading books. That may or may not be because I need reading glasses, but I like to brag that they're from reading so much. Here are a few of the many books stacked on my nightstand right now:
This book is pretty fascinating so far. It's written in a very beautiful an poetic way, a lot of times from a newborn's point of view. In my opinion, the cover doesn't quite match the content; it's a practical, textbook cover, but a sublime read with a lot of scientific information. Even so, it's given me lots of understanding about the ways of a baby.
Joel and I are reading this together.
Am already prepping the twins with this book's 'presigning games' and it is so much fun!
Joel are reading this one together as well. I love a good modern novel for it's ease, and witty heroines.
What's life without a little dash of '90s class? Joel and I are reading this for old times' sake.

Happy Gal-entine's Day!

The day is neither Valentine's nor Gal-entine's, but I can still wish this secret internet wall a happy one. Mine was spectacular.

How Pinterest Could Have Killed Me

If I had discovered Pinterest (which, by the way, I called "Pin-Interest" for the longest time. How embarrassing.) in the summer of two thousand ten, my wedding would probably have looked like this.