Saturday, February 18, 2012

Going Through Books Like Water

I have a friend who drinks so much water that sometimes she gets headaches from it all. Water is my favorite and dearest beverage, but I wish I drank so much that I got headaches. A headache is something definite to let me know when I have had enough; I would rather have too much than too little.
On the other hand, I usually get headaches from reading books. That may or may not be because I need reading glasses, but I like to brag that they're from reading so much. Here are a few of the many books stacked on my nightstand right now:
This book is pretty fascinating so far. It's written in a very beautiful an poetic way, a lot of times from a newborn's point of view. In my opinion, the cover doesn't quite match the content; it's a practical, textbook cover, but a sublime read with a lot of scientific information. Even so, it's given me lots of understanding about the ways of a baby.
Joel and I are reading this together.
Am already prepping the twins with this book's 'presigning games' and it is so much fun!
Joel are reading this one together as well. I love a good modern novel for it's ease, and witty heroines.
What's life without a little dash of '90s class? Joel and I are reading this for old times' sake.

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