Thursday, November 18, 2010

Book Club Therapy

This gal was my favorite. She is not very elegant, rather petite and dainty, striking a very imperious pose.

Oh, the indulgence of book clubs! Sitting for an hour and a half with eleven elderly women, ripping a perfectly charming novel to shreds: decadence. This poor book, whose only fault was not being properly deep enough for common and ordinary ladies, was left with nothing but the binding once we were through with it. What a day. I can sleep in peace tonight.

Here are some pictures of our lovely temporary neighbors: the Sheep of Sea Ranch! They are the town's lawn mowers, moving slowly along the coast line, keeping our grass neat and trim. Jaime, the kindly herdsman, let me watch the sheep transitioning from one pen to another, and I regret to say that I did not hold a camera at this moment! It was fascinating: one big yell from the shepherd, and three hundred sheep and a handful of goats came running full-speed, baa-ing and maa-ing like throaty people, aiming for the bit of green grass at the end of the enclosure. I love sheep! Needless to say, I ran back home and got my camera.

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