Sunday, November 7, 2010

San Fran and Catherine

This time, I will remember to write about the starfish!

Unlike one of the last posts, this time I will not forget to connect the title with the content! I have been reading lots of L. M. Montgomery recently and feeling very much like a twirling-petaled bloom on my walks to the beach. Today, I rode my bike to the bluffs and read A Tangled Web in the tall, yellow grass. I then went to Pacific Road and watched the harbor seals. One night of rain has made the small plateau across the sand bright green with new baby grass! I climbed up this rocky island and watched the fat seals bask in the late afternoon sun. The tide was so low, and, for the first time in months, I was wearing my hair down, making me feel extra special. I left my perch and headed toward the fat seals. On my way, I was perfectly distracted by the many pools between the rocks and their inhabitants. I counted thirty-two starfish, including a possible dead one, and two brilliant reds. Most of the starfish were purple or yellow, clinging with strength I did not expect to their side of the rock. Bravo, starfish. I couldn't budge a single one (except the one I think might have been dead). I also discovered a million hermit crabs, and these very nasty algae-like cushions who squirted water up your legs when you walked on them (I think they are alive! This was a really horrible thing when I found myself completely surrounded by them, realizing that many were about to die by the heel of my boot).

My husband and I are going to San Francisco next week! Two heavenly days. Eating, yes, gourmet ("She really is a gourmeeeet") and dressing in my most beautiful clothes for the occasion. We shall be accompanied by my husband's family, hurray! Here are some outfits I am considering. I will let you be the judge as to whether or not I succeed in creating them.

My favorite? The first! The most sinking truth? It will be very very cold next week in San Fran. My one comfort is that I shall at least be beautiful while in my agony of chills.

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