Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Little Owl

I forgot to tell how breathtaking our discovery was last night! Every so often, late in the night, I will hear owl hoots...this THRILLS me, for not only are they such mysterious, elusive birds (to me, at least) but I am quite certain that any day now my letter from Hogwarts will be arriving.
Anyways, we pulled up to our house very very late last night and there, perched on our little house-number-post, was a Little Owl! I am squealing just remembering him! He was so tiny and so-HO fantastically adorable. He flew up in a little evergreen upon our arrival, but continued to watch us as we stared and laughed and stared some more.
Oh, and this image is from the Dart Raffe Farm website...we did not have our camera with us! But this picture looks the spitting image of him.

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  1. There are few creatures more awe-inspiring than the owl. They seem so gentle...I love the sounds they make. Now I'm sad thinking about Harry's owl (even the demise of a fictional creature makes me well up a little).