Saturday, December 31, 2011

I just read this incredible post by Kristin Timmerman, from project:babyblog. Her words are so uplifting! I was amazed to discover that I can relate to so many Bible stories on a whole new level as a mother myself. Be encouraged and enjoy!

What does “faith” mean to you? I Googled it just to see what the official definition was. I found this pretty interesting: Belief that is not based on proof.

I consider myself to be a pretty logical person. A + B = C. This can be pretty problematic when it comes to faith in God. The truth is, believing in God is NOT logical. In fact, some might consider it foolish. The temptation is to put Him in a box. To make sense of it. God is BIG, complex, and mysterious - we will never fully understand the magnitude.

So to put your faith in something so…beyond comprehension…is hard! But to put that faith into action? OK, now we’re talking about scary stuff.

Tinsley’s newest Baby Faith video is “God Made Babies.” We popped it in last week and I was excited to see this story focused on Moses. Moses played a MAJOR role in the Old Testament. Talk about a leader! Faith! A champion for God’s people! His story is an incredible example to all believers.

But what really struck me was how the video began: with his mother - Jochebed. You see, Moses’ story was pretty dramatic from the beginning. He was born in a time when ALL male Hebrew babies were to be drowned in the river. The Egyptian pharaoh feared the Hebrew people were becoming too powerful. And so, mothers of little baby boys were forced to give up their precious newborns. Can you imagine?

Jochebed was different. When Moses was born she knew there was something special about him. So she risked her life to keep him in hiding for 3 months. But eventually she had a decision to make: What am I going to do with my baby? How will I save him?

She wove a tight, waterproof basket. She placed baby Moses inside. She set the basket in the Nile…and watched her 3-month-old float away.

I cannot (CAN NOT) wrap my mind around that.

She instructed her daughter, Miriam, to look after the basket from the riverbank. And guess who found baby Moses? The pharaoh’s daughter. Bathing in the river, she spotted the baby and immediately felt compassion for the child. Baby Moses was then adopted in the very family that wanted him dead.

Miriam approached the pharaoh’s daughter and suggested they hire a Hebrew woman to nurse and look after the baby. And so, Moses was given to a baby nurse who would take care of him for the next three years - his own mother, Jochebed.

You can’t make this stuff up!

Moses went on to do great things - he encountered God in the burning bush, freed the Israelites out of slavery, parted the Red Sea, received the Ten Commandments, and brought God’s people within sight of the Promised Land.

All because his mother had faith. FAITH IN HER GOD. Faith that the Lord would take care of her family. Jochebed’s confidence brought her and Moses through some of the most oppressive times imaginable. What if that had been me? Do I have that kind of faith? Do I believe in God’s perfect plan?

I often think what I want is the same thing God wants for me. “He wants me to be happy, stay healthy, keep my family safe. He wants me to grow old with Matt. Watch our children grow up, be successful, and start families of their own.” But that’s MY perfect plan…not God’s.

Unfortunately, I have no way of knowing what’s waiting around the corner. I have no way to see the storms on the horizon. My only hope is to pray, read the Word, focus on Christ, and live my life as an example to others. I must cling to the truth that GOD IS IN CONTROL no matter what. He can create miracles from what seems impossible if we will just TRUST in Him.

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