Saturday, December 31, 2011

make-up: adding some flourish to an old routine

What is your make-up deal? It can be hard to pamper yourself each morning when you have young babies, but I have found a way to include the right amount of fancy for my face into my busy days.

:: If you wear make-up everyday, try going completely bare on a walk with your kids. Feeling the morning air on my cheeks, knowing that there is nothing between it and my bare skin is enough to make me feel cheerful, romantic, and pretty.

:: Before putting on any make-up, give yourself a facial massage with some Vitamin E oil. A massage stimulates the blood vessels in your face, and helps you relax before facing the day (and tantrums) ahead.

:: Try using a face brush when applying liquid foundation. This gives an artistic feel to the simple task of applying make-up, and makes me think like I am prepping for the runway (a futile dream, I know, but still fun to pretend).

:: Get a brow comb and arch those brows! Brushing brows gives an automatic well-groomed look, while rising fallen arches makes any girl feel saucy and glamorous.

That's all for today. Each one of these little changes and gestures will give you either a outside or inside glow, or perhaps both!

Love C

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