Saturday, February 26, 2011

Maternity Clothes

I have read over and over again about the wretched state of current maternity clothing stores. The bemoaning is everywhere! This doesn't intimidate me or dampen my excitement to wear clothes made for the belly my dear baby is making, but it does tempt me to avoid them altogether and go straight for thrift stores, hand-me-downs from sisters and family, nice-stretchy-normal clothes, and homemade wearables. It's not that I will ever mind going into a maternity store if the opportunity comes (I actually think it will be fun), but I do trust (to an extent) in the real dismay of other women who find them discouraging. So! Although I know that I will probably eventually search for a pair of maternity skinny jeans (they must be out there...and I must have them), here are my two absolutely wonderful discoveries to dispel any garment worries if they happen to arise:

1) The crazy-perfect blog I just discovered this adorable girl and I love love LOVE the outfits she put together from her closet while she was pregnant. Every time I read it, I am inspired to look at my current pieces and find what can work when I am bigger (and I do!). Adoration!
2) Finding things on J.Crew that will fit a growing belly. I am so thankful that I will be biggest in the summer! (I wonder if I will regret those words later on...)

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