Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oh, I love the community of mothers! Although my husband and I live in a remote area, I am still (on a daily basis!) blessed and encouraged by fellow mothers. There is a new yearning for me to have contact with The Women who have been through this before, to ask them a million questions, hear their stories and take notes on their advice. Where I once viewed mothers/motherhood as a wonderful task, I now add awe and amazement. Whether it is from someone as close as my own mom and my mother-in-law, or from a mom-blog, I am basking in every second of communication!

Having said this, here are my two new mom-blog discoveries (thanks, Natalie!):
I cannot WAIT to try out some of her projects!
I love love LOVE this mom!


  1. These are two new mom bloggers, but not necessarily mom blogs that I recommend. Bleubird Vintage and Adored Austin.

  2. Robyn, I just discovered these two on the new Delightful Dozen blog. I really really like them both a lot!

  3. Robyn, p.s.

    I love your blog too!