Monday, October 4, 2010

Let the Mushrooming Commence!

Revelations are so wonderful, so much more special when they come while one is reading a mediocre novel with the sun as a friend.

Yesterday, I was sitting on my window seat, a few chapters shy of finishing a book I would never ordinarily read - we English majors can be very selective on the books we like others to see in our laps; it must be first-rate impressive, with a publication date of 1798 (yes, this date does have meaning; free cookies for anyone who knows why!) - anything before is considered positively medieval and reserved for the art and history clan, and all afterwards are just too...modern - I would be terrified for a stranger to see this 2009, New York Times Bestseller shoved in my face while I am still wearing my pajamas, a few empty tea cups surrounding me, because that is not what a proper english grad would ever do. Nor would they use a lower-case 'e' for english. Thankfully, I have not officially graduated yet - when I was struck by this very thought: I must, I will start writing on my blog!

I truly do not mind that I have no followers but two; I don't even mind that I am relinquishing myself to the modern (there is that word again!) trend of writing and exposing my thoughts for all of the world to see - I have been dying to use this wonderfully oft used phrase! There it stands, in all it's over-used glory! - I am even feeling inspired feelings to start couture-esque comments about my new community's wardrobe, follow local gossip, and post pictures of my food creations. This will be very fun.

I will start off with some interesting facts about this day:
1) I have been a wife for six weeks. My husband is the best husband in the world. That is actually a fact every day!
2) I can see the Pacific from my porch! This is also true everyday.
3) We have no mushrooms on the first day of mushroom season.


  1. you probably have more than you know! people can subscribe without you knowing in their Google Reader or they just read it! :) I am soo happy you are blogging a lot! Did you make those oreos?? You should take a picture of your food! If you don't have your camera you can use your computer camera...the one you use to skype with! Much love!

  2. Hooray for blogs! You have made me start thinking I should start one. All of us former Hooks women unite on the interwebs! Love ya sweets and I'm loving the posts!!!!!