Friday, October 8, 2010

marley of redwood rise loves kate spade!

I have a guest this day! Marley is the old puppy of our neighborhood circle, and he has come to stay with mr. S and me, as I am his official nanny when his pets are out. He is very leggy, with long toes and white legs, and his black backside is oh-so bushy. He is such a charming friend! We looked at Kate Spade's new arrivals today, of some I will be posting, ate cookies, watched BBC sitcoms, and hiked across the hills. Now we are snuggled up on the window seat, me with my favorite mags, he with his jaunty legs sticking out everywhere. He has wonderful taste...he couldn't believe how adorable these clutches were, and I am thinking that he just must meet my Lupey.

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