Saturday, October 23, 2010

When your daily intake of coffee and water ratios three to one, things must change. Surely there are other forms of hot liquid (whatever happened to all that delicious tea you just purchased??) that are equally as comforting on a very wet, cold, sans-husband day and are less likely to cause great alarm to one's heart and extremities. On this day, I have no usual list of things to do, and so have proclaimed it a letter writing day. But how can I sit still and commence after I have just poured a total of three cups down my throat? I was wanting a drink, and my water bottle was way, way upstairs, in the dark, empty bedroom; however, to my immediate right was a kettle full of hot water to be found in the gloriously cheerful and rosy kitchen (it was filled with ginger snaps! This is a must-have for any rosy kitchen), waiting to become infused with tasty coffee. Much nicer! Coffee won, hence the terrifying ratio.
So, along with my determination to put coffee on the back-burner (ha!) and bring water to the forecast (oh my!), I have also a few other interesting bits of knowledge/discoveries/ideas to write upon my dear old blog. I will list them.

1. Green potatoes are evil! They are not, as the color so wickedly suggests, growing new vitamins inside.
2. After spending an afternoon with my elderly neighbor, I found myself holding my fingers in arthritic positions.
3. Shakespeare, although a past nemesis of mine and poorly projected by all good society, is fun! I am settling with Cymbeline at the moment, and waiting on pins and needles for sweet Imogen.
4. I am so very proud of a certain tiny corner in our bedroom. This corner occupies a chair and a wall. I tacked black fabric to the wall, and re-upholstered the chair in black and white stripes. I must now find a ridiculously glamorous magazine to toss there, and it shall be complete!

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